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He says there are millions of different realities, floating in the atmosphere, existing at the exact same time. Random realities in which humans are far gone, realities in which humans have not arrived yet.
He says in some realities the two of us are married, others in which we chose different jobs and different lives. Sometimes our lives are like parallel lines and never meet, maybe fighting in two sides of a war, or maybe one exploring the galaxy in starships, the other resolving disputes in wooden courts, so far away. While in some other we spend every minute together.
In this reality in particular, from where I'm looking, we were apart. We never met.
Until he crashed the surface.

I think I started to pay attention on that April evening when I started to add things up. I remember I was exhausted, nightmares had been haunting my sleep, the same pictures woke me up every night: I'm walking when all of a sudden, the air is filled with the noise of tires screeching. In a split second, I see a car that's too fast to stop. I hold my breath. And then next thing I know is I am in my bed breathing heavily, my heartbeat so loud it pounds in my ears. But on that particular evening, I was on my way back home through the park, when suddenly a strong tinnitus forced me to stop walking. It started as a high-pitched hiss, a whistle that slowly cut out all the other noises from my head. I was forced to stop, and for an infinite moment, I was deaf, the only sound in my brain was that awful one. Until suddenly I heard my name being called, shouted loudly, by a voice I had never heard before, but that somehow sounded familiar. I opened my eyes and I was still in the park, the echo of that voice in the wind blowing through the leaves and through my hair…

A few days later my phone rang with an unknown number in the middle of the night. 'hello?' I said, but no one answered. The next day the number called again, 'hello?' I tried again, quite annoyed. ' It's this working?' Answered the same unknown voice, then the line went dead.
I was in the subway. My phone had no signal.

He showed up at my door, one random day, after an insistent doorbell ring. I opened the door and he was just standing there. Tears flooded his eyes as his met mine. He held me close in a thigh hug.
'Let me go, I don't know you"
"I can't and you know you do. Oh how I missed you"
He said he traveled through time and space and through dimensions. I couldn't believe him at first, but he knew things about me only I knew, and it somehow felt like I've known him for a very long time. He told me we were neighbors, in the reality he came from and asked me if he happened to be anywhere close in this reality too.
"No," I said "Mrs. Jenkins only has a daughter, here"
"Oh, Mary, isn't it? My little sister...who knows where I'm at"
"What about me then, how is it like in your reality? Am I doing fine?"
He hesitated and reached for my hand "you see, that's why I came here, it may sound selfish of me, but I couldn't bear to live there any longer. I mean, in a reality died"

"you are making fun of me"
"Why should I?"
"How did I die?"
"A car accident"
He moves closer to me, but I leave the room. Overwhelmed with weird feelings. And in my minds the vivid images of the nightmares in which I'm falling.
I found myself staring at the bathroom mirror, breathing heavily.

Experiment: n 1
He kissed me, after a week or so, he leaned down and kissed me. It felt quite right, my heart told me that was what I had been waiting for my whole life. My whole self was shaking as I look at him with bewitching eyes.
"Are we supposed to be together? " I pondered as we walk back home
"Hey I've traveled across a whole reality to prove destiny wrong"

Experiment: n 2
He gets it. Everything. I couldn't believe it, and it still feels like I don't know him entirely but looks like he does know me entirely. All the others only wanted parts of me, they required a diluted, censored version on me. I've always had "it's cool nevermind" kind of relationships. There's no such need with him. I thought I had my life together, but clearly, I didn't. I keep my head on his chest, the sound of his heartbeat like a lullaby, in unison with my own.

I saw him this morning. It was not him, it was his version of him in this reality, walking outside my university. He looks.... just a bit different than the version that came from the other dimension, I almost couldn't tell the difference, apart from his white lab coat. He is doing a Ph.D. apparently, but I've never seen him before. He met my gaze and blinked a few times, he looked for a few moments more than what’s socially allowed for two strangers, then walked away with his books. For a second I wondered if it was real, what he told me, that we are meant to be together in every reality he's aware of...then I was actually supposed to be destined to that guy walking away to his labs? Knowing how it should develop, should I go and speak to him?
I force my feet to walk back home. It's easier this way.
I mindlessly cross the street without looking and suddenly the air is filled with the noise of tires screeching. In a split second, I see a car that's too fast to stop. I hold my breath.

The room is silent, my eyes closed. I'm lying on a bed, the smell of ether is so strong this must be a hospital. A machine beeps at irregular intervals. I only want to rest, but a voice wakes me up from my slumber, even though I'm too weak to even try to open my eyes. It's a voice I've learned to recognize, it's his voice, but which of the two it belongs to?
"I'm so sorry, I got it all wrong. But I'll fix this, I'll make this right, I'm almost done. See you in a bit, love"
It doesn't make sense, but this thing stopped making any sense ages ago anyway, so I don't really mind. Comes what may. This has been such a ride.

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wouldn't it be amazing if we could peek into a different reality? :)
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