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I'm not sure if anybody cared enough to click on this article but I advise if you haven't finished watching the show or never watched it, to click off. Unless you fancy spoilers.

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So Hi! How are you?

The reason I am writing is because it literally has taken me three years to finish this show and now that I have I'm feeling a mix of emotions. I'll share some thoughts, and maybe input some fun opinions lol.

*warning: this is not planned and will go off topic many times, thank you


Like I get they had to die and find peace in order for the spin off to emerge. Its sad because the spin off looks horrible but we will all see for ourselves. Its just hard to get over such an iconic, heart to heart cast. I will miss the adventures, the many, many good looking people, and the most witty sarcasm to not only be told by Damon but the rest of the cast.

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If they didn't die, then I guess it would be hard for the next show to not be all about them. I haven't began watching it but from first glance it seems not intriguing. Is it just me? Like tvd is iconic, story line and everything. Even 'the originals' cast was so good. But like the upcoming cast almost seems like its missing something. I get they have to be young because the concept is about a newer generation but is it the concept that's bugging me? Is it going to be about kids not finding a place and causing trouble? I don't know, its just the last show was centered around a forbidden love triangle with two extremely interesting guys and now it seems dry. You can't recreate tvd because literally it was 8 seasons of discovering loopholes and going through the hardest challenges so I get going off of the school and starting from there. I just feel like the cast rubs me the wrong way.

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The original ending was still centered around both brothers loving Elena but since Elena's absence (nina leaving tvd), it became more about the brother's loving each other. I guess that's when the 'other side' was created so when they die, they would die still loving Elena and watching her from there. None of that happened so there is no telling if I would have hated that but to me, I wished the love triangle was still in tact. For some reason I just don't feel fulfilled yet I do really love how both of the brother's found peace together in the end. I loved both of the brother's so much but I'm not going to say I didn't want Damon and Elena to get together. Like I get it, Damon literally needed her but I really liked Stefen with her as well. So when it ended, I felt kind of sad. I feel like if it didn't cut off so quick it would have been interesting in the long run but I still love the show overall. I would have wanted Elena and Damon together but I think I'm sad about the chemistry suddenly leaving after one thing that was not that big of a deal. Like I get why that happened and the writers are amazing, yet it's sad to see their love story fade.

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I think that's why they had Stefen see Elena in the end when he died to show they did have a strong bond and that they are both important to each other. If we are talking about couples, honestly where tf did Jeremy go. Kidding cause Bonnie and Enzo are everything but seriously Jeremy just left. Tbh many people may disagree but I thought Caroline and Alarick would have been so cute together. Like I loved her with Klaus but after re-visiting the show and Klaus not being there, Alarick and her just seemed like a good match. They did make a cute thing between her and Stefen but I'm a bit apposed because it contradicts everything I said about the love triangle thingy. I liked how they had each other from start to finish but since she was there from the start, and seeing there wasn't something. It just feels odd. Like cute but the original plot kinda got brushed aside. Which isn't bad but like I said about Stefan and Elena, personally I never shipped Caroline and Stefen. I also like Caroline with Tyler too but when Klaus was there I'm not going to say I didn't ship. It's just a bit weird how relationships get put aside so quick. Like nothing is really long term. Literally.

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But as I mentioned earlier. The sarcasm was hilarious. It wasn't just Damon which is the funny thing but I would say mostly Damon. I feel the writer liked witty sayings which made the characters so attractive too. "Applesauce penguin brother". Does anyone remember that lmao. Or even Kai who was hated but had that compelling charm to him. I'm not sure but I hope the new show has some sort of charm.

I liked the dark, sexy, and funny atmosphere of the show. I think that's what I'm going to miss a lot.

Welp. On to finishing teen wolf which I also failed to finish from years ago.

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