Stay stylish and warm this season with the hottest fashion Winter trends of 2018:

Wear Pastel Outwear

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Just because spring is over doesn't mean that you can't rock pastel colours in the winter. There are a so many cute pastel colours to choose for your winter coats - from cotton candy pinks, baby blues, and buttery yellows. These colours will add a nice pop of colour to your winter outfit. So take a break from boring black or beige Outwear and experiment with cute pastels to stand-out from the crowd.

Wear Trendy Sneakers

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The athleisure trend won't be on the wane anytime soon (thank goodness!). Jump on board this cool trend and add a sporty touch to your winter looks with some hella cool kicks. Not only will they make your outfit look Instagram ready, but they are also super comfy to wear when you're Christmas shopping.

Accessorise with belt bags

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Belt bags make for the perfect accent piece to add to a winter outfit. They can be accompanied with a winter coat to cinch in your waist and make you look curvy. Another benefit of belt bags in the winter is that they are hands free - meaning that your hands don't need to be out in the freezing cold to carry around your bag.

Wear Knee boots

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Boots are a winter staple for two reasons: they'll obvi keep you warm -and they will elevate your outfit from a basic winter outfit to a sexy off duty model look. You can style your knee boots with a sweater dress or with a pair of jeans and a moto jacket.

Accessorise with Oversized shades

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I know, I know - retro shades are the IT glasses to wear at the moment - but don't sleep on oversized shades - they're also worth wearing this winter. You'll look like a Hollywood starlet this winter in a pair of fab oversized shades.

Try different prints

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The fashion-forward prints to wear this winter 2018 is animal print, houndstooth and plaid. These prints will spice up your winter outfits and make you stand-out from the crowd in style.

Wear statement necklaces

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Statement necklaces can be worn over sweaters to add a glamorous touch to a plain winter sweater.

Accessorise with berets

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Pull off an effortlessly chic winter look with a classic beret. This Parisian hat is versatile and can be styled with every winter outfit you can think of.

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