the room is dark with an amber glow, mostly coming from the fireplace. the room is adorned in cozy cloth, all colored red and orange and gold. there are tapestries and tables and armor placed around the common room. the tall windows let the weak april sunlight peak through the curtains. there is a constant warmth, even in the summer. there are students packed on the red velvet couches, mostly all wrapped up in warm blankets and red scarves. the students are all draped over each other like cats squished together in a group. there is a feeling of comradery. all these students trust in each other, all bound by a feeling of loyalty and trust. these friends would live for each other, and die for each other. there were three students all huddled together under one blanket. one girl with dark skin and wild hair, a tall, lean red-headed freckled boy, and a dark skinned boy with jet black hair and a familiar lightning scar.