How did it come to this?
how did we come to live like this?
is it the constraint or the freedom?
is it a choice or a reason?
How did we become like this?
A generation driven by competition,
a generation driven by accusations,
A generation where a girl calls a girl slut,
where a guy being gay is equivalent to being a pussy,
a pussy of all forms.

How did we become a generation of conversation-craving loners glued to their phones, with little to no people they can call home?
How did we become a generation where people hide behind their phones,
sit on a dining table and chat on our phones?
We would rather hide our feelings then make a scene,
Rather be meek then be called a freak.

And no, it is not only us, but it is surely also the generation above,
they are keeping up with the new trends, leaving children deprived.
deprived of love.
we have forgotten the beauty of love
sex is not enough!
come on people, whatever happened to the butterflies and messages sent late night?
Maybe it is not our fault, maybe we were just bought up to be this way,
to be selfish, to take and take and not give,
to judge other people, to be the norm,
to be the best at everything we don't want.
Maybe we are just a result of the mistakes made before.
they ignited the fire and social media oiled it more.

But, I believe in us, we are a bunch of broken souls,
We know what it feels like, so we will surely get through.
our generation is doing good,
we have finally broken off the shackles our parents or this society put us in,
we are finally pointing out the wrongs,
and giving a shit.
We are fucking independent and hard-working.
those depraved bastards before us, within us, won't kill this humanity.
We are learning to care and learning to love.
We are learning to be aware and we are doing so much more.
We are starting a revolution and what a revolution it will be.