House of my dream

Do u like to dream? I bet that all people do it almost every day.. So in this article I want to write about my future house! 🏡✨
When I was a child, I imagined that I would live in a big pink house near the sea, where would be lots of flowers and palms.🌸Ha-ha
However, now I’m thinking about cozy house with some territory for relaxation and barbecue, where I can read books and sunbathe at summer or make a snowman in winter. 💫

There are some things without which I cannot imagine my home. So lets start!

1. Balkony 🌅
The first and the main thing, that I want to have is a big comfortable balcony with a sofa, lights, books and lots of pillows.

2.Candles 💕
I’m fanatic of candles! I want to have many different candles in my dream house, especially in living room.

candles, тепло, and уют image candles, тепло, and свечи image

3. A big kitchen 🍷
I love cooking! So I need a big space in my kitchen, because I prefer dance, sing while cooking.

home, jar, and kitchen image kitchen, home, and interior image

5. Panoramic windows🌟
It’s something that can do a room twice as big as it is! Besides I like natural light so these windows would help me!

Image by Purple Pics

6. My office room📚
Of course I would like to have my own room, where I would do my work, where I would plan my future and think alone about my life.

school, study, and college image room, aesthetic, and design image

7.Huge leaving room💑💌
If u have seen some family films (for instance «Home Alone») , u would unconditional see a huge room, where all members of the family can have a dinner, talk to each other, tell some news or just take a pleasure of this.

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💬 To my mind, home is ur castle, it’s a place, where u should fill comfort, happens and cosiness. It is ur retreat from the world, the showcase for my treasures and the stronghold of my values..

Thanks all of you for reading 💖