Hey everybody!
How was your day today? Mine was pretty awesome. I did write 2 tests, though, but the rest of it was relaxed. Let's see what I have to write about today:

Write a page of your Diary

Dear Diary,

Today was a good day. Finally, I had time for myself. I watched a lot of series and finished writing my homework. I still have a lot of things to memorize during the weekend, but at least I made a progress on it.

I have this thought about school. I'm a little bit disappointed in myself. I mean, I'm doing well here. Too good. I mean... I'd also made it in a, better'' school...I don't want to change school, because I love everybody here with all of my heart, The thing is just sometimes I wonder what'd it like to be in a place, where everybody wants to study and pays attention to classes and all of that...

school and aesthetic image Temporarily removed

On the other hand, I need to study a lot to understand the subjects.So.... yeah... Maybe it wouldn't be that awesome once and for all. And I would not have met with my friends. So, I'm happy to be where I am.

That was all I wanted to say today.
I'll write you tomorrow,
Kisses and Bye,