I absolutely love the night time, it's so gentile and pretty and calm. My nighttime routine is honestly a super chill and calm one, but I also get everything I need to get done done.

So first I'll go into the bathroom and brush out my hair and either throw it up in a braid or bun, to keep it out of my face while I sleep and do stuff.
Then I'll wash my face and do whatever I need to for that. I use Philosophy's Clear Days Ahead face wash and it smells so good and is honestly my favorite product.
After I wash my face and whatnot I brush my teeth cause DeNtAl HyGeNe and have to throw it on the charger so I can use it in the morning. Yay for rechargeable electric tooth brushes!

After all that I'll go back to my room and toss on my playlist and clean up anything that needs to be cleaned so that my room doesn't become a disaster. After that I'll change into my PJs and sit down to read a book and after that I usually go to sleep.