Hello ! I saw this a lot on youtube and on whi so I decided to do it too ! Please don't take things personnal, it's just my opinion. I'll explain it sometimes and sometimes no, it'll depends :)

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♡ I hate Christmas Movies

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don't ask me why, i just don't stand it it's like so annoying and so sickly/simpleton

♡ I don't like Balenciaga Trains Speed at all

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why do people spend so much money on shoes that aren't even shoes like it's socks...

♡ I hate red fruits/berries

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♡ I don't like sushis/makis/sashimis

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♡ I didn't watch La Casa De Papel

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i've watched like the two first episodes and i stopped... yet i love Jaime Lorente López

♡ I'm soooo afraid of ducks/goose all that kind of stuff

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that is just the evil

So I think that will be it for today. Please, again, don't take things personnal it's JUST my opinion. Love ya guys :) ♥

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