"study now, Relax later"

apply to colleges

  • first semester of senior year apply to colleges
  • second semester you start getting answers back
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write essays

  • mini-essays
  • put a lot of effort on this essays
  • you could write about what you achieved, your score on your GPA, talk about your articles if you write some articles here on WHI, or for example the fact that I moved alot..if you move a lot from school to another and you have some experiences write that.
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  • take an appointment on when you are going to do it
  • practice it
  • take it easy and don’t stress a lot
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  • Participate in a volunteer place to raise your level on your GPA
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AP Exam

  • known as "Advanced Placement" Exam
  • means college levels, so its a lot more difficult and you have to take this test at the end of the year.
  • you must get (4 or 5/5)
  • if you make it you will get college credit

How to pick courses

  • have an idea of what you want to do on your future
  • choose what you like and have fun on it
  • Research about what subjects you need to learn
  • know about your courses - try to gain an idea about the type of courses you pick
  • what courses you want to do?
  • is this something you did see yourself doing for a long time?
  • don't take a class you hate... because you will waste your time + your grades may suffer
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  • try to get high grades ... and motivate yourself every time you get stressed and tired
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Published on 24.November.2018