Hey, Hearters! This is my first article so please excuse any of the crustiness that may accompany it. Today I'll be telling you my "goals" for the new year.

🐼: To get my dream body.

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- I'm tired of constantly feeling like a fat and lazy piece of crap. I want to be fit, healthy and happy!

🐼: To become a better person.

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- Honestly, let me cut to the chase: I'm not that great of a person. I'm sarcastic and blunt and have a terrible sense of humor.

🐼: To stop viewing myself as "ugly" or less than the beautiful girls I see on Instagram.

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- I love and support all these beautiful girls, but sometimes I feel so insecure looking at them...you feel?

🐼: To focus more on my grades.

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- I want to live a lavish yet comfortable life one day, so I need those grades to secure the bag!

🐼: To be a clear skin queen!

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- I honestly just want clear, glowy, bomb ass skin. That's all.

🐼: To actually be consistent enough to follow through with all my aspirations.

Thank you guys so much for reading. This was kind of personal and I wanted to share it with you guys for myself and because I hope someone might see this and have similar goals and relate or even inspire someone to think about their own goals!

- Barbara.