Hi :)
I`m Marie and I`m a big fan of the red queen series. So I decided to write an article about my life if I was there. So, I hope you like it!

Name: Marie
Blood: Red, Newblood

Image removed hair, moles, and neck image Image removed lips, skin, and aesthetic image
brown short hair, moles, green brown eyes

Member of the scarlet guard

black, cool, and discover image alternative, black, and fight image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

Abilities: Electricon

blue, dark, and lightning image blue, bright, and dark image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed blue, magic, and power image fantasy, hands, and magic image

Best friends:

blonde, boy, and curls image troye sivan, boy, and troye image
Kilorn Warren
aesthetic, lighning, and quotes image magic and witch image
Mare Barrow
Temporarily removed girl and quote image
Diana Farley
light, hand, and dark image adventure, alternative, and discover image
Morrey Cole


photography, armor, and fantasy image eyes, eye, and blonde image
in love with Evangeline

So... I hope you like it! It was really fun to write this.