What's a good habit that you'd like to begin this month?

Third day. And yes, I know this is not December yet, but this is just what I want to change when it starts.

My life has truely had its up and downs, but these are some good habits I know make me feel better and that I know I should start with again. I have done some of them, but others I really need to startt with. Here it goes!

Yes, please. Do this more often, I cannot tell you enough. Take a hot bath once or twice a week, put on a face mask (I honestly recommend sheet masks if you have dry skin), shave your legs (who does not like that feeling afterwards?), drink something you love and watch a movie you love (mabye a christmas movie?). This is just a few thing I think everyone should do more often, including me. Take one day off your thoughts about work or school and live in the moment.

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THIS is the key to a happy life for me, planning. But, I need to plan better from know on. If I don't do this I can easily become stressed or get anxiety, unfortunetly. However, I am glad I found something that helps with how I am feeling and therefore I want to recommend it to all of you as well. Honestly, buy a calander and write down what you have to do and your life will be so much more organized and you will get everything done in time. Take the time to plan you day or your week and I promise you that you will have everyting under control.

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I tried it, but stopped because my life was to busy. Well, we all know that 'to busy' is not an exuse, because we all have five minutes to spare. This also made me feel so good spiritually and menatally. I really recommend it to all of you who have problems with anxiety, depression, stress and all other issues in life. I am here to tell you, it truly works wonders. I am doing it now, but I have to be a bit more consistant with it in the future. Download an app (I use Headspace) and begin with it. After you have done it for a while you will notice an difference. I need to do this more often and actually prioritize it.

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I know, it is not as simple as that. To think positive is something you have to try to do, but the times it does not work it is okay. You have to learn that you cannot be happy and positive all the time, but sometimes it is important to try. This is something I really have a hard time to do, but I always try to do it. It will help you with everything in your life, however, when you feel that everything is wrong or bad it is important to be sad or irritated as well. So, a good habit I want to begin with is to think positive even if something goes wrong (as I like to think it: Smile to the problem), but also to know when I need to feel in a more negatie way.

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- Ronja K