the year it's almost over, finals are coming... and here's the list of the books i read during 2018 (no specific order).

1) The Delirium Trilogy

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I was dying to read this trilogy since I read 'Before I Fall' back in 2014, I finally got the chance during my winter break and read all of it in 1 week! Alex & Lena♥

2) Sense & Sensibility

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It took me a while to finish this one, since the language is kinda "old", but i absolutely loved it. After I finished I watched the movie, and there were many things that I was hoping to see there, like the part in which John comes back and talks with Elinor about Marianne hehe. But it was a good movie.

3) Everything Everything

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Read it in 1 day, it's a fun cute book that I loooved reading, there's no huge drama or suspense, so that's cool! The movie is cute as well, but i will always recommend the book the most.

4) Boys Don't Cry

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I only found the quote picture in Spanish, but I read this book in English. It was BEAUTIFUL. It's so different from what i usually read, I think that's why I loved it so much. A love story about a father and his baby girl will always be so nice to read♥

5) The Best of Me

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I had already seen the movie, but i waited like 2 years to read the book and then watch the movie again... there were so many (i think important) details in the book that they changed in the movie or just simply avoided them, but I cried with the movie and not the book lol... still the book is way better and even more romantic!

6) Ana Frank's Diary

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The most interesting book i have read to be honest, starts with such a sweet innocent girl and ends with the same girl more mature, scared... she was going to do great things... so sad how everything ended.

7) The One (The Selection Series # 3)

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I love this entire series, so romantic + Kiera Cass writes in the most beautiful way. Currently reading book #4 (The Heir)

8) Wonder

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I literally refused to watch the movie until I read the book haha, it was so cute! I could say it was one of my favorite reads this year... the movie was great as well!

9) Milk & Honey

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Such an important read for everyone out there!♥ You can read it in 1 day. It heals, i swear it does.

10) Since You've Been Gone

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YES YES YES! I loved the playlist throughout the book, those always make me happy. Such a cute story to read, I would love to read more about Emily & Frank tho! favorite couple.

11) 8 lugares que me recuerdan a ti

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this was the most cliché book I have ever read, it was not that bad, just too cliché.

12) The Violets of March

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The ending sentence of this book is the most perfect thing ever. They say you learn something from every book you read, I have never prooved it more than with this one. Mystery, love, moving on, family, grieve - all in one♥

I'm probably missing a few, but I hope you enjoyed this... let me know if you have read any of these books!!


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