I'm back with another fashion article for you and I know that I'm not very active in this topic but it's not easy for me to have an article every week. I don't like this situation at all and I hope in the future it will change.

Let's see 5 outfits for casual and chic occations to rock the upcoming week and to be a stylish girl!


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With a total black outfit you will never go wrong in anything in your life, trust me I wear every day black. And yes is my absolute favorite colour.


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Put your favorite jeans or trousers, a T-shirt and your long coat and you are good to go and be stylish with basic items.


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It's a little bit cold for a blazer I know, but in the morning not early you can put a blazer when it's sunny if you live in Greece you know what I mean lol. Anyway put a leather pants and your sneakers for a chic and casual outfit.


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More casual and basic items than these ones I don't know if you can find. Classic jeans, black top and your oversized leather with details jacket for morning until afternoon look.


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A black leather trench coat or a vinyl one if you wanna be a trend and more stylish in your casual mornings or why not evenings too.

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