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i thought as we're now in the cold, darker months of the year it's easy to lose motivation so i thought i would share how you can create a workspace that will help you get productive.


scents of orange and lemon are proven to be energizing and motivating. If you want to be more productive, try lighting a candle for one hour or adding a diffuser to your desk.

if you want to go a step further, add a slice of fresh lemon to hot water and breathe deeply. lemon often helps when you feel anxious or run down, and drinking hot water with lemon will help boost your immune system and improve circulation – making you more productive at work.

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everything on your desk needs to have a purpose and a place. the more things you have scattered on your desk, the less organised it will be. purchase some desk organizers, pen pots and folders. eliminate distractions and keep your desk tidy to optimise your productivity.

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it may just be a bunch of green leaves but plants have lots of benefits so if you’ve been feeling unproductive or sluggish, it's time you add some greenery to your workspace. they help to reduce fatigue, boost immune systems, and boost moods. reduce the levels of certain pollutants, meaning they’re perfect for detoxing your office.

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everyone has those days where they feel a bit uninspired. it’s completely normal. boost your inspiration by creating a visual space on your desk that inspires you to do your best work. no matter what kind of workspace you have, or what your career is, try to find images or sources of inspiration that motivate you to do your best work.

make your goals visual and create a mini vision board and you’ll feel as though you have something tangible to work towards. you can change this up as your vision changes to keep yourself on track.

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