I think the easiest way to stay consistent with healthier lifestyle is to put healthy habits into your daily routines. That's why I wanted to share my morning and night time routines.

Morning routine:

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Drinking water is the first thing I do when I wake up. I usually have a water bottle next to my bed when I go to sleep, so I drink whatever is left to it. Often I don't drink much during night so usually it is 0,5 l that I drink in the morning.

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Pretty soon after waking up, I need to go to the bathroom. There I just do basic stuff like pee, brush my teeth, wash my face etc.

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Meditation is something I try to do every morning. Even 5 meditation every day helps me by increasing my self-awareness, memory and ability to learn new things.

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Then it's time for my morning tea and breakfast. For breakfast I usually make oatmeal with fruits. To get some protein I either put protein powder in my oatmeal or have two egg whites.

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Lastly, I get ready for work, school or gym. To save time in the morning, I usually pick my clothes the day before. Also I stick to a minimalist makeup routine.

Night time routine:

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My night time routine starts after eating dinner. After eating and putting away dishes I usually like to do a quick apartment clean up. Clean environment makes my mind calm and later on going to sleep will be easier when my thoughts aren't in my messy apartment.

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If I haven't done my workout of the day yet, I do it about one hour after eating lunch. I have been into interval kind of workouts lately but I need to incorporate gym more to my routines.

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After my workout I take a shower and change into pyjamas. I usually let my hair airdry. I also do my simple night time skin care routine.

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Preparing for tomorrow is my next agenda. This means checking what I need to do tomorrow and picking up clothes. Sometimes I do foodprep if I know I will be busy. That way it is easier to stay consistent of healthy eating.

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I eat a small night snack every day because I have my dinner pretty early. Greek yogurt with sugar-free soup and berries is my favorite snack. Sometimes I make a ryebread with turkeyham and salad, cucumber and tomato. In the evening I also drink water, but I try to drink it a little bit less so I don't wake up to pee during the night. (Who else hates that?? hah ha)

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Then it is finally time to wind down. I brush my teeth and then I like to put my phone away. I do this at least 30 minutes before going to bed because blue lights aka the light your phone, computer and tv screens have can cause insomnia. I like reading, so that is usually what I do before going to sleep.

That was basically it. I hope you liked todays article. Thanks for reading!