helloooo. i found this article by @dazzliin and i really liked the idea so im going to do it with the artists i like!

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a ↝ arctic monkeys

honestly, i dont really like their new album but they are one of my favorite bands

alex turner, arctic monkeys, and am image arctic monkeys, alex turner, and music image
fav songs: only ones who know and secret door


acid ghost

Temporarily removed All Alone and acid ghost image
favs: new york and what do i say?

b ↝ billie eilish and BROCKHAMPTON

we all fucking love her

blue, orange, and tour image brockhampton image
billie favs: party favor and bellyache. brock favs: vivid and bleach

c ↝ catfish and the bottlemen

catb, catfish and the bottlemen, and van mccann image band, catb, and catfish and the bottlemen image
fav: oxygen

d ↝ declan mckenna

artist, handsome, and lgbtq image declan mckenna image
favs: listen to your friends and basic

e ↝ elton john

70's, elton john, and genius image 70's, elton john, and old image
fav: rocketman (basic, iknow)

f ↝ foster the people

light, neon, and red image
favs: pay the man and nevermind

g ↝ g-eazy

g-eazy image couple, icons, and halsey image
favs: some kind of drug and reverse.

h ↝ harry styles

how is he so cuuute

gucci and Harry Styles image Harry Styles, harry, and styles image
favs: from the dinning table and girl crush

i ↝ i dont have a favorite with i :c

j ↝ jake bugg

jake bugg, boy, and music image jake bugg, grunge, and quotes image
fav: hold on you

k ↝ kali uchis


aesthetic, glam, and indie image kali uchis, aesthetic, and chanel image
favs: coming home and in my dreams

l ↝ lana del rey

lana del rey, aesthetic, and lana image girl, girls, and music image
favs: all of them



logic and bobby tarantino image meme image
favs: soul food and young jesus

m ↝ marina and diamonds

Image by arzu yellow, aesthetic, and music image
favs: seventeen and lonely hearts club

n ↝ natalia lafourcade and (the) neighborhood

cantante, mexicana, and natalia lafourcade image Temporarily removed
favs: soledad y el mar and all of the neighbourhood.

o ↝ one direction

i miss them okay

one direction, liam payne, and niall horan image band, louis, and niall image
favs: clouds and... all of them, i cant choose


olivia o'brien

Image removed Image removed
favs: udk and tequilawine

p ↝ post malone

famous, music, and tattoo image post malone image
fav: right now its sunflower

q ↝ queen

Image by Camila Image by Camila
favs: killer queen and dont stop me now

r ↝ rihanna

rihanna, makeup, and fenty image Image removed
fav: desperado


rex orange county

alex, boys, and indie image
favs: 4 seasons and waiting room

s ↝ sza

sza, music, and singer image sza image
favs: go gina and drew barrymore

t ↝ the kooks

my favorite band

luke pritchard, the kooks, and hugh harris image
favs: gap, junk of the heart and she moves in her own way

u ↝ umm idk sorry

v ↝ (the) vamps

backstage, hug, and tour image guitar, lights, and show image
i dont like them that much but im in love with can we dance

w ↝ (the) walters

their music is so cute :")

sky, aesthetic, and clouds image book, coffee, and cafe image
favs: i love you so and fancy shoes.

x ↝ (lil) xan

lil xan, grunge, and icon image diego, icon, and lil xan image
favs: betrayed (basic ik) and round here

y ↝ young the giant

Image removed aesthetic, alternative, and architecture image
fav: mind over matter

z ↝ none? sorry

Temporarily removed

thanks for reading! hope you liked it, maybe we share music taste.

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