I haven't been into many countires but I did some (if you haven't read my 1st article, then I recommend you to do it now to get to know the list of countires I've visited)

I feel like we don't always realise how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful World..

-And now I would like to write about the places, not about people and sociecty.

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It's truly beautiful! Ofc there are some backward countries, landscapes and cities. But also these old fashioned/backwarded places are beauty, PURE BEAUTY!

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I love to see how different cultures shape the World. I like to travel through small towns, villages, suburbs, big cities, capital cities, rich(er), poorer districts and how they shape people's life and how people's life shape these areas.

I think it's amazing and crazy at the same time.

These times when I travel around these areas and see unknown people doing the usual things they do and living their daily routines and their actual life I realize how small I am and what a small puzzle piece I am. It does not make me feel I'm worthless rather I feel like I'm responsible for others and I am a part of a big community where not everyone know eachother but we are all connected to eachother.
Isn't it crazy, huh?

Now I leave you with this little article, hope you enjoyed reading it and it may make you to think about it. xo