Day 27. "Write about a first time."

Hello, Hearters today. I was going to tell you about my first kiss but honestly, I don't really remember it. So I am going to tell you about my first time I went to ballet classes from when I was 3 years old.

So as a 3-year-old kid crying was my nature. So you can imagine how much I must have cried when my mom told me that she is taking me to learn ballet. I absolutely hate it.

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Crying the whole ride I went inside the building and met my teacher. She smiled at me and told me that I will like it. Hell to the no.

The lesson started and I kept crying or sitting on the floor being a little rebel. After half an hour my mom came back because my teacher called her and she took me home.

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If you read my other days you must know by now that I absolutely adore ballet and after two weeks of being a rebel, I started to like ballet and the other girls I met there.

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Now 15 years later I am still taking ballet lessons. My mom was right about making me go even if I didn't want to because if she didn't know I wouldn't know how much I love dancing in general and especially dancing ballet.