Day 5 : "Write five facts about yourself."

Hello, everyone! I'm back again with another writing challenge post. Now, we're at day 5! 1/6 of the challenge, baby! So, after mentioning 5 places that I want to go to on Day 4, now on day 5 you're gonna find out a little bit more about me, since the challenge is to write 5 facts about myself. So, yeah, let's just get right into it!

1. I'm a Gemini

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I was born just a few days after Star Wars Episode 1 was released actually!

2. I have a foul mouth, which is bad, and you should not do. But who cares anyway

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3. I'm a fangirl. I mostly like some stuff from the nerd culture, hence why i use the angsty amy/eleven gif from doctor who.

4. My music taste ranges from early 2000s, alternative, indie, and some top 40 pop hits like Shawn Mendes or Sabrina Carpenter.

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5. The only "relationship" that I've ever been in was less than 5 minutes, and I was the one who dump him. Yes, I do feel bad.

See you in Day 6!