Hi everyone! It's soon december and y'all know what that means! Today I'm going to share my christmas wish list 💖
Enjoy x

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  • So every year I always ask for books! It's a wonderful present and this year I wished for example "Crystals: the modern guide to crystal healing" by Yulia Van Doren and "The new bohemians handbook" by Justina Blakeney ☕
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  • I know gift cards aren't mind blowing presents but I do think they are super handy! That way you can practically get whatever you want... I asked for one from Urban Outfitters! You could ask one from a book shop, an art store, a clothing brand or a home decor shop for example! 🌻
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  • Lastsly I wished for some art from one of my favorite artist and youtuber Annie Tarasova! Her art is absolutely beautiful and I'm so exited to receive it this christmas! These are a few of her things she sells on her Etsy "Dreamy Moons"🌛
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So that's that! Also: don't be afraid to give yourself som presents! You deserve it 💛
I bought myself a new fluffy robe and lots of art supplies since I love to paint with water color!

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Thanks for reading!

Alex ⭐