Hi dear hearter,

Few days ago, I found a new tag on WHI called "If I were a witch". Intresting thing in case you didn't know it : I AM a witch, but like a real witch, not a fantasy witch. So let me show you my witchyself with this tag.
Also, almost two years ago, I created a similar kind of article, here the english and the french version I did :

(I have changed a little bit since I created these)
1/ NAME :
My name is Marion, I can't give you my witch's name because a witch's name is only use for spell, magic and pray. Plus to give your witch's name is giving power over yourself to other witches so it must remain secret and must not be revealed to everyone.
2/ AGE :
I am 22 years old.
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I'm pretty small (1m60) and very pale, I look like a ghost (sigh of despair) , I have a bunch of tattoos as you can see on my profil pic, hazel eyes, very long ginger hair. The natural color of my hair is a very light brown but I dye my hair since few years.
4/ STYLE :
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I mostly wear black clothes, skinny jeans sometimes ripped, I like fancy tights, oversize hoodies and pullover. Red and purple are my favorite colors. I rarely wear dress and skirts, same with heels. I realy like match all black outfit and one saturated red clothe.
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I do not have an easy character, I am complicated I do not know what I want and I can be painful sometimes.But I try to be nice and kind as much as I can with the most people I can.
I'm a bit of a dreamer who tends to "have your head elsewhere". I am contemplative and I am fascinated by how temporary everything is and already belongs to the past, like every second is already passed.
I am a queen of procrastination. And sometimes when I feel overwhelmed by the events and I'm lost I try to keep my countenance by faking self confidence and pretending I know and understand everything which is happening.
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I am a very independent person, and I don't like being in a relationship also I'm introvert so be with people is not a pleasant thing for me.
I'm a bit sarcastic, and for some reason I never feel satisfied me completly, that's maybe why I'm intrested in so many things.
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My element is the 5th, the last branch of the pentacle star, spirit.
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My specialties are blessing, purification and astral travel.
I also spend a lot of time reading and doing research, I have become very good at finding information from various coven. I have accumulated a lot of theoretical knowledge on many different subjects.
But there are no areas in which I excel as much as in blessing purification and protection, as well as in meditation. I have facilities with astral travel but I have to experiment.
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My favorite sabbath is Litha. It's a minor sabbath but because of my specialities it's my favorite and the one which gives me the most power : it's the summer solstice, the victory of the light on the night.
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My sign is taurus, my ascendant is leo, most of my charter is in taurus and my main planet is venus.
10/ SEASON :
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My favorite sabbath takes place during summer but my favorite season is autumn with no hesitation.
11/ COLOR :
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Once again, I choose blue because it's the color of the psychic world, the world of the mind and the spirit, of perception, reflection, introspection, and sleep.
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I am a celtic witch, and like a lot of other celtic witch I also consider myself as an eclectic witch a little bit.
Also you might get suprised but there is nothing such as white magic or black magic or green magic or red magic, etc... People sometimes call black magic spells which hurt or manipulate people but no magic is bad or good it's the intentions which are.
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I still think my totem animal is an owl, and more precisely an barn owl. The owl is associated with: intuition, the ability to see what others do not see; to see beyond deception and masks, wisdom, curiosity for the mysteries of life, the unknown, the connection with the "higher self".
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I don't have a familier for the moment but I feel it will be a cat. Nothing realy original, but it's just how it is.

Here are the articles I readed and took inspiration of :

And super credit to the creator of this tag :