Welcome again. This is the second part to my first article (linked below) which has 103 reads. I can say it definitely was more than I expected, so thank you!

26. Concerts I've been to:
↳A One Direction concert for their "Where We Are Tour".

one direction, niall horan, and Harry Styles image Harry Styles, one direction, and 1d image

27. Last book I read:
↳I think it was "Metamorfosis" and it was for school.

book, coffee, and black and white image cursi, image, and imagine image

28. Favorite ice cream flavor:
↳Cookies & Cream, always.

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It

29. Cats or dogs.

Temporarily removed adorable, lovely, and puppie image

30. The song I am listening to right now:
↳Just hit shuffle on my playlist and it's "Welcome to New York" by Taylor Swift.

1989, Taylor Swift, and album image new york, city, and Central Park image

31. Day or night:
↳I am a night owl.

aesthetic, dark, and lights image light, stars, and night image

32. Do I like roller coasters:
↳Yes. I love the feeling of adrenaline rushes.

awsome, clouds, and funny image fun, friends, and Roller Coaster image

33. Lucky number:
↳I really like 17.

17, age, and black image numbers, photography, and typography image

34. Favorite quote:
↳One of my top favorites is "Do it with passion, or not at all." It's really motivating.

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35. How long have I liked KPOP:
↳Can't say I have.

36. Favorite album:
↳Any by One Direction, 1975 self titled, or AM by Arctic Monkeys.

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37. What I find attractive in other people:
↳Loyalty and respect.

book, words, and quotes image respect, attention, and true image

38. My battery percentage:
↳Computer is at 62%.

Image removed phone, battery, and quote image

39. What I'm doing tomorrow:
↳Possibly partaking in a Thanksgiving feast at my friend's.

autumn, bake, and gather image food porn image

40. Nationality:
↳US citizen.

usa and girl image cake, food, and strawberry image

41. Favorite song:
↳As of right now, it's Melancholy Hill by Gorillaz. I think it constantly changes, but that's a great one.

I Love You, Lyrics, and bands image gorillaz, 2d, and demon days image

42. Stuffed animals I own:
↳A little white polar bear.

cute, Polar Bear, and animal image art, artist, and bear image

43. Witches or vampires:

tarot, aesthetic, and witch image Aloha, awesome, and bohemian image

44. Favorite holiday:

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

45. Color of my toothbrush:

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

46. Go-to comfort food:
↳Mac & cheese. Yum!

food and mac and cheese image food, pasta, and cheese image

47. Coffee or tea:

coffee and drink image coffee image

48. Description of my crush.
↳Has an gorgeous smile and amazing hair.

chuck bass, ed westwick, and gossip girl image heath ledger and joker image

49. A song that made me cry:
↳Yet again, Melancholy Hill by Gorillaz.

50. Favorite K-drama:

Thank you again for anyone who actually reads this. I want to do more writing. I love this site. It's so easy to get inspiration from so many amazing writers. Here are some social media links in case anyone wants to follow:
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