1. cozy sweaters and coats.

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winter is the best time to wear sweaters and coats, they really get u in the winter feeling.

2. warm drinks.

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warm drinks in winter are LIFE, coffee is my personally favorite.

3. christmas.

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Christmas is the best thing about winter.

4. baking cookies/gingerbread.

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cookies and gingerbread are so yummy, my second favorite thing about winter.

5. snow:

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i love snow, it's just like rain and it's beautiful, i love nature.

6. fairy lights.

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i love fairy lights because they give u this cozy sort of feeling, and i LOVE that.

7. movie/ tv show/ book marathon.

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i love reading books, i'm basically a bookworm and i love book marathons, but if u prefer movies then u should definitely have a movie marathon with your best friends or family.

8. christmas music.

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just three words, I LOVE IT.

so i hope u enjoyed my article, heart for more and i hope u have a beautiful day, ilyy!

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