Name: Elowen daughter of Thranduil

Image by 𝑁𝑢𝑢𝑟♕ Image by stark from winterfell animal, beautiful, and future image Temporarily removed

Race: Sindar Elf

Abusive image horse, white, and animal image enchanting, green, and place image hair, aesthetic, and blonde image


Image by stark from winterfell brain, funny, and obsessed image heartbreak, quotes, and thoughts image order, quote, and sorry image

Weapons: Bow and arrows

girl and blonde image Abusive image Mature image aesthetic, archer, and archery image

Brother: Legolas

fantasy image castle, stairs, and nature image Image removed hair, aesthetic, and blonde image

Father: Thranduil

thranduil, the hobbit, and lee pace image stairs, garden, and nature image crown, king, and Queen image aesthetic, dad, and quotes image

Best Friend: Arwen

arwen, liv tyler, and lord of the rings image Temporarily removed Image removed addicted, boy, and crazy image

Lover: Bard the Bowman

Temporarily removed aesthetic and love image shoulder, boy, and freckles image arrow, archer, and archery image