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Let's take a road down DREAMLAND...

Birthname: Zariah Margaret Wolff
Stage/Pet Name: Riry Wolff
(pronounced Rai-ri)
Birthday: 21 December 1994
Age: 23
Occupation: Actress, Pop star, Musician, Dancer

RIRY is her pen name as a child and she chose it to be her stage name because it's what the people she's close with calls her most of her life


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blue-green eyes, full brows, long wavy brown hair, petite hour glass body, full lips. Sorta like a brooke shields/ audrey hepburn/ scarlet johansson love child. She's English with Dutch and Italian ethnicity.


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She's classy and sassy. She has an old soul and loves everything from the 80s. She can be very sarcastic when she needs to but all in all, she's kind hearted and loyal.

Hobbies/ Interest:

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She loves dancing, especially ballet as well as playing the piano. She also takes interest in photography. Also, she loves MilkShakes!

How She Got Famous:

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Riry was first recognized by playing Sara Crowe in the 2005 remake of "A little princess" her performance as a young actress was critically acclaimed.

Acting Career:

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She mostly appears in Oscar Bait movies, musicals and period dramas. Her first Oscar nomination is for her turn as Cathy Dollanganger in "Flower's in the Attic" She's critically acclaimed, and a multi award winning actress.

Music Career:

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She's also a huge music star. She first hit commercial success with her 2010 album "Out of My Element" which is an 80s inspired, EDM, pop rock music. Her voice is a mixture of Ariana Grande's soul soprano voice and Zoey Deschannel's vintage tone.

Street Style:

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Her street style is classy and edgy. Her style mantra : "Elegance"

Talk Shows/ Public Appearance:

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She dresses it up a bit more with jumpsuits, designer pieces, and little dresses. She likes to feel comfy but stylish when doing interviews.

Red Carpets:

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The Golden Age of hollywood is her fashion inspiration when it comes to major award shows like OSCARS, SAG, and Golden Globe. Glitters, faux fur and light colors are her thing.

Home Sweet Home:

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She'll probably reside in a cute penthouse in New York because she loves the big city life and Breakfast at Tiffany's is her favorite movie.

Celebrity Best Friends:

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Riry Wolff, Eleanor Tomlinson, Juno Temple, Nicholas Hoult, Lucas Till, and Will Poulter. These 6 are the definition of friendship. They make time for each other despite their busy schedules. They frequently work alongside each other. Different individuals with different personalities but together, they are inseparable.

Other Celebs She's Close With:

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James Corden and Ellen DeGeneres love having Riry on their show because she always brings energy on interviews. She's game to do anything, and because of her witty and funny remarks. She's also closed with Miley Cyrus, Ana Sophia Rob, Chris Hemsworth, and Scarlet Johansson, all of whom she has worked with.


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Sebastian Stan and Riry Wolff first met when they filmed a period movie entitled "Blue Moon" back in 2015. They remained friends for years until they started dating early in 2017. Sebastian thinks Riry is the funniest girl he's ever met and Riry likes that Sebastian can be young at heart and Wise at the same time.

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