do you know that feeling when you see that everthing is falling apart and you know you could do something to stop it or do things right but you just don't do anything? and you know it's wrong to not do anything about it?and you feel guilty, stupid and useless?

do you know that feeling when you feel good for some time but suddenly you feel so blue and low and sad and just want to run away from you responsabilities and hide, somewhere where nobody could find you? it's not good to escape, i know very well that i have to face trouble and fix it, but i just can't do it. i give up so fast.

do you know that feeling when you know you're hurting people with your actions or with your words? and deep inside of you you know you didn't mean to hurt them but you just can't avoid it?

do you know that feeling when you start becoming less patient with everyone and everything just bothers you? that feeling when you wanna be around people but at the same time you want to be alone?

sometimes i feel so lonely even when i know there are people with me, that wants me and that supports me, no matter how many stupid decisions i've ever made. and i feel like i don't deserve that because i'm me, and how could someone be afraid to lose me? i don't know thar feeling. even tho there are people with me, sometimes i don't feel them...

and i shouldn't feel lonely, right? but i do, you know that feeling?