So...hello? Is anybody out there?
First article here!

Though I've been hearting for a veeery long time now, this is my first time uploading something of my own (in 5 years I haven't even uploaded a pic so let alone an article!) that's the reason I thought this tag would be fun to start with. That and the fact that I´m a lil lazy to think about something else that interesting to write about.

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Born in 1996, July 12th to be exact.
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Paradise papá, Patagonia argentina you people!
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Dark brown both. Yep, such a classic brunette.
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Well, well, here we are: I think, I like thinking (and kinda wasting my time on it) but I'm not thaaat talkative; Not even me can believe how idealistic and realistic at the same time can I be ( I can be so "Things should be this way but sadly they are this other way" and also "Things are this way but hopefully they should be this other way"); Years ago I wouldn't have said it, but I´m such a sensitive person (it´s not that I was ashamed of that, I guess I hadn´t have realized about it then)

It has to do with this last topic, so I´m gonna write about something I like about myself and something I don´t here too.
My temper is something I really like 'bout me. Being a phlegmatic has its negatives of course, but I really enjoy myself (most of the time).
We all have insecurities and mine are what I really don´t like about myself. They have to do mostly with feeling like a nuisance, an annoyance, like bothering sometimes but I also wish I was taller and svelte.

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Mmm...Early in the morning and late in the night (or not that late but when the day has ended), hours are quiet, more silent and everything feels relaxed (or at least it should) and I looove that peaceful pace, so I gotta say I enjoy both ends of the spectrum. However, when the day has already started and a lot of things gotta be done time starts to feel hectic and it gets me mad. I hate feeling rushed so nights when everything is already calmed down and you can take your time to whatever, are definitely my cup of tea. (Also, I love the moon and stars, I like thinking staring at them from my window)

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Winter my darling! It could also be autumn, but winter wins por goleada

I know there´s a lot to write about and I really enjoy it but I don´t wanna make this too long. Also, it´s late and as much as I love spending my time on things like this I'm tired now so "here it ends". I wanna write some more articles, so let´s see what comes next.

PD: No sé por qué lo escribí en inglés.