all I can hear is the soft rumble of the cars on the street below. a warm summer breeze gently blows through the open windows, making the linen curtains billow slightly. i sigh, letting the feeling of my slow breathing calm me. i turn over on my side and look at her. she is sleeping beside me and the sound of her breathing softly makes me smile. her chestnut hair lays in perfect spirals on her pillowcase. her dark skin seems to glow in the moonlight. i sigh once more before eventually turning over and getting out of the bed. i grab my sweater and wrap it around my midriff as i quietly walk out of the room, as not to disturb her. i open the door to the balcony and step out onto the small patio. i sit on the chair and look up at the stars . the moon watches me silently. i stare back at her. sleep hasn't crossed my mind in what seems to be forever. so we just stare at each other until the morning comes. i sigh and lean back in my chair. it's just the cosmos and me.

<hope you enjoy>