We've all had or have that friend. The kinda annoying one. The one you don't always want to be around. In today's and my first blog. We're going to be talking about toxic and unwanted friends. Let's start with toxic friends. I have gotten out of an toxic friend situation. So here's what I have to to say to you about it, it's not easy to break out off. They hurt so much! I mean, my toxic friendship is part of the reason i have social anxiety. But you have to be strong. I had been in the friendship for around a year. We'd fight online then she'd take it a step further by trying to turn others against me. When I finally decided to let her go (for the 10th time) I did it as respectfully as possible. That's something to remember. You don't have to go out with a big bang and tell them how rotton and disgusting they are, just be kind. She did try to pick a fight with me. Said I was making her cry. I didn't listen to the nonsense. The things that would lead me back to her or saying something i'd later regret. You may think i'm mean. But it's self respect. If your in any sort of toxic relationship, you are not mean for not wanting in. You are not the villain. You are not the bully. You are not antagonist. You are strong. You have self respect! And let me tell you.. there is not a thing wrong with that! So if you have unwanted friend, or your in a sort of toxic relationship. Don't be scared to let go. You deserve happiness. You deserve love. And you deserve to be surrounded by whom you choose. I hope me blog helped you with any hard decision your going through. Before I go i'm going to tell you some signs you're in a toxic relationship so you can help yourself. * They don't seem to care about what you say or your feelings,Rude criticism, a self- righteous attitude towards you ,They tell you you need to change yourself, You find you are the only one calling and/or saying hello and trying to keep the friendship going, You have to watch what you say. You always get in trouble with them , The friend/friendship is causing you to feel like you're on an emotional rollercoaster

Thanks for reading my blog and remember, don''t be afraid to end a toxic friendship.