This week was week number two and the week that I went harder but, if you are clueless and haven't read part one, go ahead and click below to read that and get caught up, also click the link at the bottom to subscribe to my youtube channel to see the video i will be posting at the end of week four.

Week Two

So, I ended the last article stating that I would have to do week two twice because of a planning issue... allow me to explain. I was set and planned to go to my grandmother's from Sunday 11/18 thru Thursday 11/22, which meant I would not be able to do the workouts I had been. Also, My mother and sisters will be home Friday thru Sunday so I will also be slacking, but beside the point. Because of this, I decided the best possible thing to do is to carry on for five days and do the workouts twice.... So that is what I did.

Starting Measurements for the week

just as a refresher, I will remind you of the measurements I had after week one
  • Right Arm (Bicep): 10"
  • Left Arm (Bicep): 9.5"
  • Right Thigh (Thickest Part): 18"
  • Left Thigh (Thickest Part): 18"
  • Bum (Widest part): 35"
  • Waist (Smallest part): 24.5"

Day 8
Day 8 was Sunday so I had planned a day off due to my mother being home and me not wanting to do it with her home as usual, but she went grocery shopping, and I got restless so I did a little something, also I had realized the unevenness in my waist, my left is hourglass shaped and my right is straight af, so I did more on my right side:

  • 10 crunches
  • 50 Heel Touches (100 on Right side)
  • 50 Alternating Toe Taps (100 on Right side)

*For info on what these are, you could google them or watch Alexis Ren's Hourglass abs workout on YouTube

Day 9

Day 9 was monday and the first day that I nearly finished the entirety of the routine but the butt workout still kills me... Overall it was a pretty chill ordinary day

Day 10

This was the day I wrote Week 1's Article and realized the flaw in planning, so it was the day I started doing them twice. I started with doing abs once, then bum, then starting over and doing abs and then bum. This was the wrong approach. I did the first round Amazingly, I finished 100% of the routine, took a break and then started my second round, but couldn't get but half way through both workouts. I was dead. It was also the day that I realized my thighs were growing quickly because of the squats and squat pulses so I had to put a stop to the pulses or my thighs would be 30 inches before I realized it. I have no problem with thick thighs, but that is not something I wanted, especially since I was happy with my thighs going into this and in the ten days I was doing the routine, My thighs had grown nearly 3 inches... That is right, I decided to measure my thighs and waist on this day and my thighs were nearly 21 inches... that is with swelling as well, but still. That was a lot to me. So from here on out, I did not continue with the squat pulses of any kind and since am happy with my thighs again.

Day 11

I changed the order that I did the routine in and this was the first day that I finished the Full 100%, no breaks in between, the whole shabang, routine. This is what I did: I started with abs, did half of abs (Right before the mountain climbers), rewound it to start over, finished the video, and then went back to the mountain climbers- the second half of the video- and finished it so that I did them all twice. I did this too with the beach butt workout and finished the whole thing, minus the pulses of course. This was a very monumental day for me and my workout journey. Very proud of this day

Day 12

Day twelve was Thursday and the first day of the season that my siblings had a snow day at school, so they were home all day so I did not do the routine as i normally would have, but they left around noon to get a hair cut, so I took the opportunity to do half of abs

Day 13

Day 13 went the same as day 11, but I was unable to do the last half of the bum routine, I only finished it once rather than twice

Day 14

Day 14 was Saturday, family is home, and Adele is less likely to get her shit done. I started the day with a minimal routine that will become my Thanksgiving week Routine before doing one full round of the routine later that day when they had left the house for a bit:

  • 25 crunches
  • 25 heel touches each side
  • 25 knee touch crunches
  • 25 Russian Twists
  • 25 Flutter Kicks
  • 25 Scissor Kicks
  • 25 Extension Crunches
  • 25 Legs up Crunches
  • 25 Alternating leg up crunches

*I use these exercises interchangeably throughout week 3 to keep myself moving but slowly come to a stop at Thanksgiving

End of Week Measurements

  • Right Arm: 10"
  • Left Arm: 9.5"
  • Right Thigh: 18.5"
  • Left Thigh: 19"
  • Hips: 35.25"
  • Waist: 24.5"

My waist measurement stayed the same this week, but that is because this week really toned my abs and my definition was great after this week

Week Three

This was the week I was at my grandmother's, so from I did not count these in Days like the rest of the days. I did this because I was not actually doing the full routines at all so these are just on the side exercises.


I did not do a single thing


I started my day with the following:

  • 20 Crunches
  • 20 Bicycle Crunches
  • 20 Heel Touches
  • 20 Russian Twists
  • 20 Alternate Crunches with Legs up
  • 20 Mountain Climbers with Spider Climbers
  • 20 each Donkey Kick Pulses
  • 20 sec Plank


I did the same as monday but without the mountain climbers and plank


I did the same exercises as Tuesday, but I only did 10 of them each


Thanksgiving, I did absolutely nothing but cook and eat
After I got home, i measured my waist out of curiosity of how much I ate and was bloated (Side note: I am also on day 3 of my period and the heaviest day sorry tmi) and my waist measurement is 26"

Holy poop!!

That is so much to gain in a little bit of time, but feel better when I realize I am also super bloated due to food and just life so...

Friday and Saturday

I plan to take the rest of the week off because I have a ton of stuff to catch up on and my mom will be home those days as well as my siblings so I will take them off, probably do something like i did tuesday so i will go ahead and share this now and willl be back in a week or so to share week 4 and the final results!

Next and Final Week

My last week of exercising like alexis ren is coming up and honestly It is bittersweet, however, let me lay this down for you. I have really enjoyed the challenge to my body that doing it twice all the way through has provided and it makes me feel great through the day so I will continue to do it twice a day at least Monday- Friday and then once on Sunday and Saturday, which will be the last day, because they will be my 'off days.' I have noticed through this that my days I am supposed to be off and relaxing, I get antsy and need to move, so I end up doing something like the Thanksgiving Week Workouts so that is something.

To Wrap it up

follow me on instagram at _ AdeleMarie _ and subscribe to my youtube channel: to see when i post the video of this journey because being able to see the pictures is what is really wow about this, reading about it and seeing numbers is meaningless but seeing the definition from this week alone is wow as well as the difference in the before and after, so subscribe there and follow me there and have a great day, I will see you guys later!