Hi again! So these are just some of the songs and albums that I repeated over and over again the entire year; I enjoy listening to these songs so much. Hope you like it!


Lie- Shallou, Riah
Eastside- Benny Blanco
Number- Alexander Oscar
Your Side Of The Bed- Loote

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High Five- Sigrid
1950-King Princess
Old School Love- NEIKED, SHY Nodi
Volverte a Ver- Vazquez Sounds, Marcos Menchaca

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I Like It- Cardi B
Sexual- NEIKED, Dyo
Epa Wei- Danny Ocean

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"dont smile at me" by Billie Eilish

billie eilish, billie, and blue image billie, blue, and edit image billie, blue, and edit image billie eilish, billie, and blue image

"Shawn Mendes" by Shawn Mendes

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"sweetener" by Ariana Grande

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So this was all guys! Tysm for reading! here´s my Spotify in case you wanna check it out;)


please ignore my username I know its cringey but I can´t change it, and I created it when I was like 11:)