hello and thanks for baring with me on my first article ever on whi :)
my 1st article is going to be the thirty day writing + song challenge,, thanks to @realjxckson for the inspiration¡

list ten things that make you really happy;
nr 1 writing my poems
nr 2 seeing my loved ones doing good in life
nr 3 {new} music
nr 4 my dad #1
nr 5 doing stupid stuff with my friends
nr 6 bangtansonyeondan
nr 7 good food
nr 8 being alone
nr 9 the night sky
nr 10 making others happy

a song you like with a color in the title;

jhope, bts, and hope world image
blue side (outro) – jhope
''in my blue dream i want to get you''

tysm for reading,, till my next article - pris :))