It hit me just now

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When you ask me what my plan is (I'm not gonna tell you till its done) because you want to make sure I do think about the future, as a concerned brother to make sure I am ok, but for me it was like "do you have a plan" (can you already show some results otherwise you don't worth my time since you are useless and boring without plan) which everyone is asking you every single minute annoyed by my slow reaction (I swear this is how I read questions about future plans)

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But to be honest there is a thing in my life I did it since I was little. I do what feels fun and challenging and eventually, after some time everything falls into places and make sense.

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My endless binging youtube videos in English (my third language) about traveling. My stubborn desire to create whatever I see in my head, my love for games which boost your memory or focus (sending love to Nokia Xpress music). How teenager should decide to improve concentration game on old block phone instead of playing stupid SIMS. How can young one be so mindful to not drink and fuck around when these things are so popular and socially important? Not feeling like I am doing something wrong.

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