Real name: Scarlett Richards
also know as: The Mindder (mind reader)

Birthday: 21 november 1997


chicago, city, and illinois image rain image


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long ginger hair, green eyes and pale skin with a lot of freakles.


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she always wears a leather jacket with the writing "stay weird" on the back, often wears her doctor martens and she loves sweater way too much.


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she isn't a normal girl, because she's able to read people's minds, for this reason she lived most of her childhood in a psychiatric hospital. she has never know her parents but she lives with Brian that was a friend of his father and who became the only parent for her. she has just moved in chicago to live a normal life but living with her own power isn't easy. she has started a new school were most of the people call her "weirdo" but she also managed to make some friends.


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she's very cold with people in fact she prefer to stay alone although she's always surrounded by other people's thoughts. she's too sarcastic even if sometimes she dosn't want to. when nobody watch her she really like to draw.


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Vanessa: short black hair, brown eyes,obsessed with pink and fashion. She 's really kind and understanding.
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David :brown curly hair,dark eyes,can't live without netflix and loves comics books. He is the one who came out with the name "The Mindder" when he knew about Scarlett's power.

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