When I end a friendship with someone I expect questions from them or a reaction. I am not ending a friendship because I feel like it. I'm ending a friendship because there is something wrong with it.

I've spoken to this one friend multiple times on how I was feeling about her. She would 'understand' and the friendship would be better, but then after a while she would go back to conversating to a girl that betrayed my friends and I.

That was the issue that I was having with her. The girl that she was talking to, also tried to steal her boyfriend. Yet, she forgave her and began to be friends with her again. Even though I warned her multiple times that the girl was nothing but trouble. My friend started to chose the girl that tried to steal her boyfriend over our friend group and I wasn't happy with that. So I confronted her twice and she said "We actually have things in common." Like what? Have you tried to steal someones boyfriend too?? That what I was thinking the whole time she said that. There was more issues with this girl but, that's way too much drama to expose.

I ended the friendship with my friend recently and all she had to say was 'okay'. I texted her a small reason why and she just left me on read and then unadded me on snapchat. I started to think that she I had hurt her feelings and felt bad for her. I talked to my other friend and she told me that the girl didn't care. How she (my other friend) tried to warn me about her not caring about me nor this friendship that we had. I was, at this point thinking "What was the point of you being friends with me, if you don't care?" I knew that she wasn't using me because I never told any secrets because she can't keep any. The only thing I believe she used me for was to have someone she could tell her fakes stories too.

This girl liked to tell fake stories about things that me and my best friends were talking about. By this I mean, the girl would create a story based of what my best friend and I were talking about and put it into her perspective, as if, a similar thing happened at her school or at home. I believed she did this to connect to what we were talking about, but she really didn't need to do that because she was already our friend and that's a lot of connection.

I don't know if she cared or not but, I believe she didn't. She never listens to what my friend and I have to say but wants us to listen to everything she has to say.