Hey guys, my first article will be about my favorites shows that i recommend to y'all and hope you enjoys it!

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This is probably my best show all time, because it's all about teens and dramas and who don't like that right? Xoxo, Gossip girl.
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Okay so, teen wolf is so freaking good like honestly i was so sad when i finished it, i wish there was more seasons because i literally loved it. To be honest, when i first heard about it i was like "ew no wth, i don't like wolfs and fantasy" but i became obsessed once i watched the first episode, it's so funny and the cast made the show 100x better, so guys, get the fuck out of here and go watch it. You'll thank me later.
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It might be long, but let me tell you, it's totally worth it, i promise. I've never thought that i'll became obsessed with vampires, witches, wolfs and all this kind of fantasy, but this show made me love it and i dont regret at all. This serie is the best of the best, and if you didn't watched it yet, you're missing a big thing here. So please, add it to your wish list.

You're welcome.

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Obviously, if you watched The Vampire Diaries, you'll have a crush named Klaus, yeah we all do. So if you finished TVD start this right away, cause you have the know The Originals family. Always and Forever.
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If you want to cry and some dramas, i highly recommend this one because let me tell you, i've never enjoyed a show more like i did on this one. The story is just so beautiful. It reflects what we live in our presents and it's so fun to watch. I don't think that there's a human being who didn't watch it yet but if you read this and you didn't please just go start it, you won't regret it, i promise.

I'll stop here but if you guys want a second part just let me know by liking or just send me a dm, love y'all, enjoy!!