Hi, before you read this story i'd like to warn you. This story contains suicide and deep topics, so if you struggle to read about this stuff i recommend that you don't read this story. There is no graphic details around the happening or about the suicide. I'd also like to inform you that this is only a story, and it's not based on a real one. All of this is fiction, and not reality. I hope you like it, and feel free to send me a message about what i could do to make it better or even typos. I like constructive criticism <3

The snap

My alarm rings and i look over at my phone to turn it off. 6:30 in the morning. I quickly realise that it's Wednesday, and school starts in 1hour and 45 minuets. My bed squeaks as i raise myself from it. The room is freezing cold so i put on some clothes and run my bare feet over the cold floor and to my bathroom. The heating has been on the whole night. I take a shower and then dry my hair and then style it. My mother is calls me from the kitchen tells me my breakfast is ready. Ding The phone plings. I had put socks on my feet so walking over the floor isn't as cold. Snapchat from Katie I quickly opens it. Thank you, but there was nothing you could do I don't understand what is happening, I snaps back and ask what's up. 30 seconds... 50 seconds... 2 minutes... Opened I take a deep breath. I know she struggles with something, she did never tell me what, but it's clear she isn't well. I opens the snap she sends me. Im okay now I breathes out a thank god. I looks at my phone and i see that the time is now 7:00. I runs out of the house and manage to reach the buss in time.

I will hopefully be writing part 2 soon, but I'm drowning in school work. Thank you for reading <3