My favourite decade of movies is definitely the nineties! A lot of movies I love come from this time, so I thought it would be fun the give my favourite movie of each year - from 1990 till 1999!

1990: Edward Scissorhands

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed edward scissorhands, johnny depp, and movie image

1991: Point Break

extreme and point break image Image removed Temporarily removed Image removed

1992: Reservoir Dogs

Abusive image Image removed Abusive image 90's, boys, and movie image

1993: True Romance

Image removed 1990s, movies, and True Romance image movie, tarantino, and True Romance image True Romance and christian slater image

1994: Léon: The Professional

natalie portman, leon, and 90s image leon, movie, and jean reno image leon the professional image movie, plants, and quotes image

1995: Empire Records

body, movie, and quote image Empire records and ethan embry image Temporarily removed Empire records and look image

1996: Romeo + Juliet

leonardo dicaprio, 90s, and romeo and juliet image Inspiring Image on We Heart It couple, couples, and Leonardo image leonardo dicaprio, boy, and romeo image

1997: Titanic

titanic, leonardo dicaprio, and Leo image Temporarily removed jack, leonardo dicaprio, and movie image titanic, rose, and kate winslet image

1998: The Parent Trap

Image removed the parent trap image lindsay lohan and the parent trap image lindsay lohan and the parent trap image

1999: The Matrix

1999, keanu reeves, and The Matrix image keanu reeves matrix image keanu reeves, matrix, and movies image keanu reeves, matrix, and morpheus image

That was it! It was harder then I expected, sometimes it was sooo difficult to choose. If i'd want, I could make an entire article only about movies of 1999 :p But that's for another time, I hope you all enjoyed this article!