i know the title sounds weird but at least it's clear like the sun in the middle of the day i name it like that because we all girls we all give up for our feelings depression , borredem or just of being lonely .
but that's the reason who push me to name like this but i know how we suffer about expressing our feelings which hard for us to explain how much we are in pain and nobody cares
yeah nobody cares about you
so be a bitch for your own feelings
deal with it control it let it free don't jail yourself in the area of thinking about someone else or thinking why we they act like that or why the way i am
and if your are in a relationship be you be in your own nature live or love with spontanisme
if you are bothering by something tell it don't hide or even think about it because you gonna think about it a lot and a lot even often
what i want to say here that be a boss
and accept you feelings your modes
don't act strong while your bleeding inside
if you think that acting fine gonna make you feel better you're absolutely wrong no you jail yourself in a other way you didn't notice
i'll tell very short story
yesterday i notice that my bf talk with me when he wants and most of time we don't talk so i was afraid to bring it to the conversation so i give some signs to let him know that im not okay with that case
i was hesitating the rest of the day by telling him so i went to the roftop and imagining like he's in front of me and telling that's i don't like you treat me that way and crying even i was stopping my self and then i thought why i cry of a man a shitty man doesn't give a shit about me then i cry fo my self to torture like this and i wait till the midnight and tell why are you like this with me why i don't understand you what's your problem he said he hasn't the desire to talk so i let it go so the otherday call me nd say he's has a big problems to deal with i thought and say im so glad and of myself to talk about what im a worried about and not being afraid of
at the end of the day i was feeling extra good relaxed proud and incredibly strong that' i didn't reject my feelings and hide it

i thought that the strengh is not when we think that hide it gonna be better the strengh is in accept what we are and what we feel
hope you like it guys