I could listen to this song all day and omg the lyrics are so good it's a real masterpiece!

THE SMITHS: There's a light that never goes out

I've known The smiths for about 5 years and i really don't get tired of any of their song but this one here just brings all the feelings of me sitting with the boy I love in the bus while listening to it.

THE SMITHS: Suffer Little Children

I already said I don't get tired of their songs. This one is so sad but so beautiful and I love it. A lot.


Well as with There's a light that nevers goest out, this one also brings the same feelings and memories. GOSH I'm so in love lol.

KEANE: Somewhere Only We know

This one means a lot to me, it's my special song with my best friend. We live so far away (I live in Europe and he lives in America) but wherever I listen to it I feel like he's right next to me.

Bon Jovi: Bed Of Roses

Do I even have to explain why this song is a masterpiece?

ARCTIC MONKEYS: Bigger Boys and stolen sweethearts

I think this song deserves way a lot more than it gets.

The Smiths: Frankly Mr. Shankly

The melody just puts me in a good mood.

(You can guess I just love THE SMITHS)

HARRY STYLES: Ever Since New York

Everything about this song ( and about Harry's album) is perfect


I just imagine a lot of stories while listening to this and I love writing stories so this is perfect.

BTS: Magic Shop

Yeah Fake Love is great DNA is great BTS title tracks are great but this song is THE SONG.

I'll do a part 2 because there's a lot more songs!