Heeeey lovely people!♡

The Tumblr is a distinct style. I think many people think so. And this style is much loved, followed and applied in their lives.
Tumblr, as a community site I think I do not have to detail, everyone knows what it is and why it created that miracle.

So today I show some tumblr inspired room decorations.

Inspirate my dear, let's get started!♡

1. photos with your friends, your family, your love, animals, everything you love
girl, photo, and room image diy, white, and room image photo, room, and picture image black and white, chic, and decor image
2. houseplants
bedroom, room, and plants image decor and plants image bedroom, plants, and home image grunge, photography, and vintage image
3. fairy lights everywhere
bedroom, room, and ideas image alternative, beautiful, and bed image light, room, and bedroom image bed, lights, and autumn image
4. vinyl record or bag on the wall
Temporarily removed Pink Floyd, bed, and room image room, bedroom, and grunge image bedroom, decor, and room image
5. pillows and blanket
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed bedroom, room, and home image home, room, and bedroom image
6. wall carpet
room, bedroom, and tumblr image room, bedroom, and light image bedroom, room, and light image mandala image
7. wall stickers
room, bedroom, and world image Temporarily removed world, travel, and tumblr image light, bedroom, and room image
8. wall painting
Copyrighted image starry night, bedroom, and van gogh image art, room, and bedroom image moon, room, and bedroom image
9. candles
candle, pink, and girly image candle, gold, and white image candle, cozy, and autumn image Temporarily removed
10. world globes
globe, vintage, and planet image world, vintage, and globe image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
11. bookshelves
book, aesthetic, and plants image Inspiring Image on We Heart It book, reading, and light image book, light, and room image
12. canopy
bed, bedroom, and interior image adorable, bear, and beautiful image bed, boho, and canopy image Temporarily removed
13. carpet
pumpkin and autumn image Temporarily removed room, white, and bedroom image home decoration, home decor ideas, and sheepskin rug image
14. window/ledge decor
rain, bedroom, and bed image autumn, fall, and lights image Image removed Temporarily removed
15. mirrors
Temporarily removed bedroom, plants, and home image Temporarily removed aesthetic, mirror, and plants image
16. door decor
Temporarily removed diy, door, and room image quotes, white, and aesthetic image cat, door, and diy image
17. picture frame
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed room, bed, and bedroom image Abusive image
18. season decor
Temporarily removed flowers, pink, and interior image Temporarily removed autumn, fall, and pumpkin image
19. clothes racks
white, room, and home image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image removed
20. pallet decor
plants, diy, and decor image bedroom, decor, and home image home, bedroom, and room image pallet wall art, pallet wall decor, and pallet wall ideas image
Cover image:
autumn, room, and cozy image
Bedroom collection:

I hope guys have been able to serve some good ideas.
Good decoration and beautiful day for everyone!

xoxo, Lilla♡