Everything passes.

(english version)

This is the fact that more relief and melancholy gives me at the same time; and that’s the way it is, everything passes, everything goes away as late or early fall the leaves of a tree. Even the biggest storm comes to an end; and that’s just how it is, life lasts only a moment and everything changes.

And if you think, it feels as if it were just yesterday when we played to discover new worlds, where the imagination was left over and we felt unreachable.

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Anything you are going through now, if you have problems and sorrows, they will go away like sand when the wind of time comes to blow one of those breezes that wake you up and make you turn backward, where that problem that was in the present, now it is so far away that you can barely remember it.

However, if what you are going through right now is bliss and happiness, wake up right now, because if you don’t do that, you could miss of great things, because you decide if when you turn to look backwards (to the past) you do it with the repentance of not having taken advantage of something, or with the satisfaction of knowing that you would not change anything of your past.

live the present in its maximum magnificence, achieve greatness, FEEL every hour, every second, each moment as an opportunity to smile, to feel.

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Everything passes ... Yes, everything does.
Those friends you played with at school,
the sorrows of just a few yesterdays, those moments in family, those loves that touched your soul and taught you a part of you that you did not know.

And if I tell you all this, it is not to make you sad, it is so that, on the contrary, you stop worrying about what may happen, or what others may think, no matter the others, most of the people what you know now will not be in the future with you; I tell you this so that you are happy for the good things that have happened to you, that I know that there must be a few good memories in that intriguing head to remember even in other lives.

I tell you this so that you laugh until you can not anymore and your belly hurts from laughing; so that you scream with all your strength that you are alive, I want you to feel it in your whole being, a tremendous liveliness that your body feels that it cannot contain it anymore, so that you can say what you think, so that you stop fearing, so that you can be unstoppable.

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because life doesn't stops