Ahhh, working out! How much we love to workout! I always feel so excited in the mornings; I jump out of bed, ready to make the most of the day and go straight for a jog!

Haha, yeah right. Working out and being healthy aren’t the most fun things in the world, and they’re not always easy, either. However, they’re important, and I’m hoping this article will give you tips on what to do and make things more interesting!

Finally, I just wanted to mention that this is my 4th article in my #BecomingAGirlBoss series, which I'll link at the end of this article.

❀ Stay inspired!

Like most typical fitness posts, I’m going to tell you guys to stay inspired! A way I like to do this is by keeping a collection on WHI. Here’s mine:

❀ Stay entertained!

Sometimes working out feels boring, so you don't want to do it! I like to sometimes watch youtube videos whilst doing things like sit ups or planks. You can do the same thing with a series or podcast.

❀ Look for fun recipes!

If you’re looking to change your diet, a fun thing to do is search for new recipes. Of course, I’d recommend looking on WHI, but I also find great stuff on pinterest and youtube! Some of my favourite meals are actually salads now; partly because they taste so good and partly because I feel so good eating them!

fruit image

❀ Carry water bottles with you.

If you take a water bottle with you, whenever you go out, you’re a lot more likely to drink more! There are so many reasons to drink water and here are just a few:

•It cleanses your body
•It gives your skin a natural glow
•It energises muscles
•It prevents bloating

❀ Small workouts

You can workout for 5 minutes, and still improve your fitness. For example, I want you to get up right now and do a sit up, or press up, or any other small thing.

Did you do it? If your in an office or something, I get that you can’t. But if your in your room right now, just try one jumping jack! Every little helps!

❀ Detox drinks

I have two ideas for this! The first drink I absolutely love, and it’s enfused water. I’m not really much of a juice fan, so I always drink water. But, if you don’t like the plain taste water has, adding fruit or veg to your water can give it flavour and also give your drink even more benefits!

Another healthy drink, is a smoothie. I’m not a huge fan of smoothies, but I don’t mind them. You can add all your favourite fruits and enjoy a fresh drink on the go. They only take about 5 minutes to make!

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❀ Dance it out!

Don’t feel like working out? Fine! Turn on some music and dance around your room crazily! I take dance lessons and love to dance, so this is definitely one of my favourite ways to stay fit!

❀ Motivation jar!

This is a quick little DIY for you guys. All you have to do is write a bunch of workouts onto popsicle sticks (you can definitely paint them to make them cuter!) and put them in a jar. Whenever you don’t feel motivated, just pick one up and do the workout.

❀ Experiment!

Try out new exercises whenever you can! Some ideas are cycling, yoga and gymnastics.

yoga image

Hands up who’s ready to make a more healthy lifestyle now! I hope you all found this article useful, please let me know if you would like to see another post like this; maybe a workout routine?

I also wanted to tell you guys that I am now a part of #TheSparkleTeam! This means I'll work on some fun projects with 6 other hearters, but I'll talk more about this later! I just wanted to say thanks for all the constant support; without all of you, I would never have applied for a spot.

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