fashion, shoes, and dior image fashion image fashion, shoes, and white image fashion, style, and white image
my clothing would always be high-end but my style would vary from day to day. neutral colors and white are typically my go to
elsa hosk, model, and Victoria's Secret image aesthetic, bed, and bedroom image
my hair would be blonde and i'd always have a bronze tan
bag, YSL, and gold image fluffy, gold, and nails image Image by marie m. chanel, fashion, and accessories image
i would have an ever-growing collection of accessories, handbags, and jewelry
fashion image Image removed closet, home, and white image beauty, bedroom, and city image
my home would be a clash of vintage and modern elements
food, coffee, and breakfast image food, bag, and coffee image coffee, pink, and vivienne westwood image coffee, fashion, and sunglasses image
i love to spend my mornings going to new coffee shops and shopping afterwards
paris, couple, and travel image Temporarily removed house and luxury image architecture, art, and gold image
i love to travel and explore while sipping wine and enjoying the nightlife
book image
there's a long list of things I would be doing as a celebrity. i would be a writer, a designer, a director/photographer, a model and an actor. as well as an entreprenuer. let's just say i want to do it all.