Hi guys! It's Asia and today I wanted to share with you my everyday routine but in another format, because I'm just 9!
Let's start!

☞ I wake up at 7 AM

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I hate waking up so early!

☞ I make breakfast

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Usually I eat milk and cerials!

☞ I wash my theets

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☞ I get dressed

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Here in italy it's very cold in the morning!

☞ I brush my hair

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I hate it

☞ I prepare myself to go out

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It reeeally cold!

☞ I go to school at 8.20

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It's really boring during classes, but I love to meet my friends!

☞ I eat at 12 with my friends

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I wish my lunch was like those ones, we only eat pasta

☞ I go home at 4.30

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☞ I do my homeworks

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Hate to make those too, expecially maths

☞ I heart

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But some days I'm too busy

☞ I eat my dinner at 7:30

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We eat A LOT

☞ I make a shower

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☞ I go to sleep at 9:30

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It's to early!

And that's it! Hope you've enjoyed it!

If you are between 9 and 12 I tag you to make this article!

Have you seen my last article? It didn't gone so well 🙊😢