A memory that I will remember so perfect,

haunts me,

it kills me,

I let it kill me.

But it's not his fault, it is mine.

A tear I let out but was forced to not cry.

I should've cried, I should've held him.

Regrets are tattooed on my body.

 A regret for not crying, a regret for selling my body for love.

For now I struggle to talk about it,

it haunts me.

My heart was broken into pieces, it can never be repaired.

for as it is made out of glass. 

Trust me I tried gluing it and I've given it to you

but you keep breaking it.

You told me you loved me but now you regret it.

I regret for loving you, I regret for being there for you

but I can't tell you that I regret it.

I learned to keep my emotions hidden and that haunts me.