You are beautiful,

you are smart,

but you are broken.

A reflection you are to your parents.

You disowned them

but most importantly your body.

Such a disgrace but full of agony

and now you hate yourself.

Regrets you feel

Caught up on this word "love".

They'll never understand,

they'll never care,

but they'll forget you.

You are beautiful,

you are music to others.

But you are easy to be played.

You always go back and replay the tape.

But you never give up.

You want them to remember you.

You do this for a reason

and no need to explain.

But one day you'll be loved,

one day you'll love yourself,

one day you'll be fine,

one day life will be such a bliss,

one day you'll throw the tape away.

And that day will soon to come.