Hi guys! How are you? How is your week going? 😘
My week is full of school tests and I don't know from where to start and in addiction I have problems with a friend. 😅

Anyway, let's talk about my "fitness week" 💪 Honestly it went bad. I mean, the last week I said that it's a journey and the results won't come in a week or in a day. I truly believe it, but my old/negative mind thought about the moment and not the long term goals. For this reason I got out of track, I ate bad/unhealthy foods and I didn't work out. 😓

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Despite that, yesterday my body gave me a sign: I had the biggest stomach ache I have ever ahd and I realized how bad I was treating my body. Thanks to that (and even if I haven't weighted myself), I started eating healthy again. 🥦🥕🍒🍇 I haven't worked out today, but I hope to do it again as soon as I finish those tests😫, because I'm missing the confidence I was gaining!👊

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Tomorrow I'll weight myself and maybe tomorrow I'll post a picture to share the result with you. 💕

This week working out will be so difficult, because I'm getting mad with school and I don't find time for everything I want to do, but I have as my priority eating healthy. 😄

In this week I haven't learnt a lot about fitness, I didn't achieve progress or anything, but the positive thing is that I understood the importance of a balanced diet not only for how you look, but for your body too. Your body is giving you constant signs about its health and you just need to notice them! 🌈

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For today I have finished, I hope next week I'll write an article talking about the good results I work for.

Goodnight everyone!💘